if i download netflex movie in my pc, can i transfer to other pc or storage

No, you cannot directly transfer Netflix downloads from your PC to another PC or storage device. Here’s why:

  • DRM Protection: Netflix movies and shows downloaded through the Netflix app are encrypted with Digital Rights Management (DRM) to prevent unauthorized copying or sharing. This encryption restricts playback only to the device where the download occurred and with the Netflix app.
  • Device-Specific Downloads: When you download content on Netflix, it’s decrypted and stored in a specific format only accessible by the Netflix app on that particular device.

Alternatives for Watching Netflix Content on Multiple Devices:

  • Download on the Target Device: If you want to watch Netflix content on another PC, you’ll need to download it directly on that PC using the Netflix app.
  • Netflix Profiles and Watchlists: You can create individual profiles on your Netflix account for different users and devices. Each profile can have its own watchlist, allowing easy access to desired content across devices.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • Downloaded Netflix content also has a limited viewing window. Once downloaded, you typically have a set amount of time (depending on the title) to watch it before it expires and needs to be redownloaded.
  • Downloaded content quality might vary depending on your internet speed and storage space available on the device.

While transferring downloaded Netflix content isn’t possible, Netflix offers features like profiles and watchlists to manage your viewing experience across multiple devices.